Dublin Zoo

Dublin zoo is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in the world, where conservation and education combine to provide a great experience.Dublin Zoo is much more than a fun-filled; stimulating day out for all the family... it’s a place to learn about wild animals, especially those which are endangered. The Zoo is a registered charity – your visit will help maintain Dublin Zoo to a high standard, improve the Zoo and contribute to conservation programmes.

Located in Dublin’s Phoenix Park it spans over 28 hectares and is home to over 400 animals. Many are rare species and their survival in the wild is under threat so many of the animals are part of international breeding programmes for endangered species. Dublin Zoo strives to increasingly create habitats and combine species to create a more realistic, natural experience for their animals and a more exciting one for zoo visitors.

Some of the habitats and animals at Dublin Zoo…

African Savanna
It’s like being on African safari where the giraffe browse and zebras wander and the hunting dogs prowl. Look out too for the rhino, oryx and the elegant ostrich and don’t miss the chimpanzees who always entertain as they play and search for honey and other special treats.

Gorilla Rainforest
The Gorilla Rainforest provides a new and exciting experience for visitors to observe the gorillas in a natural environment. Discovering the gorillas requires patience and at least half an hour is needed to explore the Gorilla Rainforest. Dublin Zoo has maintained western lowland gorillas for many years and is home to a breeding group of seven healthy gorillas, the most recent additions being Kituba, a baby boy who was born earlier this year and Mayani’s newborn.

House of the Reptiles
Prepare yourself and be amazed to see life in cold blood. You’ll see all sorts from a giant lizard, tortoises, turtles, chameleons, Gila monsters with venomous saliva to sensational snakes, tarantulas and the Nile crocodiles.

Kaziranga Forest Trail
Immerse yourself in our wonderful Asian rainforest and spot thee elephant group. Kaziranga Forest Trail is a wonderful natural environment created with the needs of the elephants in mind. Here, and in the elephant house you can visit the expanding family of Asian elephants... Matriarch Bernhardine (born 1984) and her daughter Asha (born May 2007), and Bernhardine’s sister Yasmin (born 1990), her daughter Anak (born 2003) and son Budi (born February 2008).

South American House
It’s hot hot hot and action packed at the exotic South American house. You’ll find rare and endangered primates here including goeldi monkeys, golden lion tamarins, white-faced saki monkeys, pygmy marmosets and squirrel monkeys. See if you can spot the ‘slow movers’ – the tree dwelling two-toed sloths and iguana, the ground-dwelling red-footed tortoises and the South American wood turtles.

Asian Forests
The concept for the Asian Forests at Dublin Zoo was inspired by the Gir forest of India and the Sumatran forest of Indonesia. The lion habitat reflects this environment and gives the lions necessary diversity to encourage natural behavior as well as breeding. Dublin Zoo’s two Asian lioness cubs will soon be joined by a male Asian lion. Dublin Zoo’s pair of Sumatran tigers also have a new habitat within the Asian Forests and the breeding troop of Sulawesi crested macaques can also be observed.

Other Habitats at Dublin Zoo are:

Family Farm: Where you can find animals such as – sheep, pigs, goats, ducks, rabbits and chickens
Roberts House: Home to endangered bats and a colourful array of rare birds from all over the world. 

Admission Fees:

                                                       Gate Prices           Online Prices
Adult                                                    €21                      €18.25
Children under 3                               FREE                    FREE
Children aged 3 - 15 years               €15.50                 €13.50
Senior Citizens (over 65's)                €16                      €13.95
Child with Special Needs*                €8                        €6.95
Adult with Special Needs*               €12                       €10.55
Student (with valid ID)                      €16                       €13.95   

Opening Hours:

Daily 9.30am to 6.00pm
last admission 5.00pm


Dublin Zoo,
Phoenix Park,
Dublin 8

Dublin Zoo is located 45 minute walk or 15 minute drive from the Castle Hotel.
Public transport can so be taken, our front desk staff will be able to guide you on these.

Map & Directions
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