Iveagh Gardens

The Iveagh Gardens have long been referred to as Dublin’s “Secret Garden” and rightly so.
Completely surrounded by buildings and nestled in behind the National Concert Hall, you wouldn’t know it was there unless you are looking for it. Look out for the laneway beside the NCH so access the beautiful gardens, just off Earlsfort Terrace.

The garden has changed hands a number of times with history dating back 300 years, it was eventually gifted to the nation on 4th May 1939 from Lord Iveagh to Eamon de Valera. 

Although it is not very big, the garden packs a punch with several key architectural and aesthetically pleasing features. You could quite happily while away a morning or an afternoon picking through the winding pathways with hidden gems at the end of each one.

The stunning waterfall is one of its most prominent features, with a cascade of water falling over a rock formation which is constructed with a rock from every one of the 32 counties of Ireland. 
Tucked in the right-hand corner of the park is the intricate yew maze which is a smaller copy of the much larger London Hampton Court Maze.
Just a short stroll down a woodland path brings you to the stunning Rose Garden. When it is in full bloom in the summer, it really is a sight and scent to behold. Designed in a whimsical meandering layout it is home to a great variety of new and old roses, some of which predate the 18th Century. 
The Gardens have many secluded and open spaces to rest and reflect, with cast iron benches both hidden in secretive corners and lining the grand pathways and facing onto beautiful sunken lawns of manicures grass.

It really is a hidden oasis and the ideal spot for a leisurely walk, a quiet reflection or even an alfresco lunch with friends.

Admission Fees:

free of charge

Opening Hours:

Daily 8am to 6pm 


Iveagh Gardens
Clonmel Street
Dublin 2
D02 YD96

Located just 30 minutes walk from the Castle Hotel.
Public transport can also be taken, our front desk staff will be able to guide you on these.


Map & Directions
Laneway at Earlsfort Terrace off St Stephen's Green
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