National Leprechaun Museum

Discover the sounds, sight, stories and magic of mythical Ireland, land of the leprechaun at The National Leprechaun Museum.

Celebrating Irish Mythology and Irish folklore, the real magic with this museum is the passion of the storytelling from their amazing tour guides. The many Irish mythical legends are brought to life as you step into their world. Captivating and playful just like the leprechauns of your imagination. 

Explore the representation of Leprechauns through the ages and the relationship between the Irish landscape, folklore and magic. During your 45 minute tour, you will find yourself feeling the actual size of a leprechaun, as the furniture is so big, you will be climbing up just to sit down.

Evening tours available on Friday and Saturday are a wonderful ice-breaker before a night out in Dublin. 

Admission Fees: 

7 year and up €10 to €16
Evening tours for 18+ €18

Opening Hours:

Daily 10am to 6.30pm 
last admission 5pm


National Leprechaun Museum,
Twilfit House,
Jervis Street,
D01 R2P0

National Leprechaun Museum is located 12 minute walk from the hotel.
Public transport can also be take, our front desk staff will be able to guide you on these.

Did You Know?

A leprechaun is a short character (2ft 6" tall) of Irish Mythology. The first leprechaun sighting was in the 8th century. While there are some female leprechauns, they're harder to catch than males. Working as a shoemaker, an Irish leprechaun makes dancing shoes for fairies, as they like to dance. This work makes them wealthy and they horde their gold in a crock. Leprechauns keep their crock of gold hidden underground, but if you ever catch a leprechaun they are obliged to tell you where it's hidden. 

The best time to spot a leprechaun is at dusk or at dawn. Listen out for that tiny hammer, making shoes for the fairies. Remember if you do catch a leprechaun, don't take your eyes off them as otherwise, they will disappear! Happy hunting. 

Map & Directions
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