Endgame Escape Room

Immerse yourself in the exciting, 60-minute real-life adventure game that is Endgame Escape Room.
There are 3 games to choose from, “The Butcher”, “Prison Break” and “The Purge”. Each one of the thrilling adventure rooms will transport you to a different story, with its own individual experience.

Situated in South Dublin City, you and your team meet in a themed room and have one hour to complete a mission and “escape” the room. That mission may involve escaping something like a prison cell. In other cases, the “escape” is more mission-oriented where you must solve a puzzle or stop something from happening.

The rooms are set out to get each player to test their skills and really think outside the box. The only way to succeed is to work your way through a number of puzzles and clues, scattered across a series of rooms. Each of the games has at least two rooms, so the more things you solve; the closer you get to freedom and beating the game.

All games can have between 2-6 players and make sure to pick your team wisely! While no outside knowledge or areas of expertise are required, make sure to choose people who will work well together!
Here is a run down of the games; 

The Butcher 
You and your team have been snatched off the streets of Dublin by the notorious Pearse Street Butcher. You find yourselves locked up in his old abattoir. In the distance, you can hear buzz-saws and the screams of other prisoners. You have an hour to get out before you end up diced up in Dublin. After all, there’s no money in being a butcher anymore. Thankfully, the last victims have left behind some clues to help you to escape…

Tickets Price - €20

Prison Break
You and your team have been wrongly incarcerated! You find yourselves imprisoned on death row, awaiting your execution in one hour. The Warden, who has been paid a large sum of money to ensure you never leave the facility, is out on his lunchbreak. You've been working on escaping for months and now is the time. He'll be back in exactly one hour, so you better hurry!

Tickets Price - €21

You are chemistry students in Trinity College. You are your professor's brightest students but have always thought something was a little off with him. Somehow, you have discovered that he has a secret lab where he carries out dangerous experiments. He has gone mad and has built a machine to release a deadly virus into the Dublin atmosphere. You must find a way into his secret lab to release the antidote before it’s too late. The fate of Dublin rests in your hands.

Tickets Price - €20

According to reviews, “Prison Break” is known as the least scary, with “The Butcher” known as being more gruesome and “The Purge” has been rated to have the highest scare factor out of all the games. Which one will you choose?


137 Pearse Street,
Dublin, D02 K793

Endgame Escape Room is located a 25 minute walk from the Castle hotel.
Public transport can also be taken, our front desk staff will be able to guide you on these. 

Map & Directions
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